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Mole Mapping

Skin Health Check by DermScreen's life-saving mole spot check aids in early detection of melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer, leading to a 95% cure rate. Our DermScreen scanning technology captures high-res full body images, optimising skin analysis for professionals. Wondering about a suspicious mole? Get the answers you need.

Who should undergo Mole Spot Check?

Mole scanning aids early skin cancer detection, limiting biopsies. After scanning, an expert dermascopist gives an assessment, advice, and full report.

The Skin Health Check by DermScreen, specially designed for thorough mole analysis, is crucial for individuals who:

  • Have 50–100+ moles

  • Possess atypical or dysplastic moles (unusual size, colour, shape)

  • Have hard-to-monitor moles, like those on the back

  • Have a personal or family history of melanoma

  • Have fair and frequently or severely sunburned skin

  • Have concerns about specific moles or freckles due to their appearance or recent changes.

  • Have extensive work-related sun exposure

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