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DermScreen Shines at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre 🌞

 DermScreen had the privilege of exhibiting alongside 40 other innovative companies at the Annual Perth Women's and Children's Health Update on 15th June 2024! 🎉

Adding to the excitement, DermScreen was shortlisted as one of the top 5 startup companies to participate in the highly anticipated #PitchFest! 🎤 I had the honour of presenting in the session "Recent Innovations That Can Make a Difference to Your Practice Now," showcasing how our cutting-edge technology is revolutionising skin cancer detection and diagnosis.

The Power of DermScreen's Technology

📅 During the event, I highlighted how DermScreen's innovative digital technology bridges the gap between #generalpractice and #dermatologists, enhancing early detection and significantly improving patient outcomes. Our technology is designed to:

🔍 Improve Access to Dermatological Expertise: Making specialist knowledge readily available to general practitioners and their patients.

🔍 Streamline the Diagnostic Process: Simplifying and speeding up the process from detection to diagnosis.

🔍Provide Better Care for Your Patients: Ensuring timely and accurate diagnosis leading to better treatment plans.

🔍 Offer Learning on the Run, Including CPD: Providing continuous professional development opportunities for healthcare providers.

📍 The Annual Perth Women's and Children's Health Update was an incredible platform to connect with fellow healthcare professionals and share our vision for the future of dermatological care. It was inspiring to see the interest and support from the community, highlighting the importance of innovation in healthcare.

To all who attended and supported us, thank you for prioritising the future of skin health. Let's continue to work together to make significant strides in early detection and patient care.

Stay tuned for more updates from DermScreen as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in healthcare technology.

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