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Hort Connections 2024 with Melanoma & Skin Cancer Advocacy Network (MSCAN) at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre 🌿

I am pleased to share the impactful experience we had at Hort Connections 2024 in Melbourne. This year's conference was particularly meaningful as we dedicated an entire day to providing complimentary skin checks for conference delegates. Our goal was to highlight the importance of skin health within the horticultural community, a group often at higher risk due to prolonged sun exposure.

The Importance of Skin Check

Throughout the day, our team performed numerous skin checks, and the results were eye-opening. We identified several suspected pre-cancerous lesions and one suspected case of skin cancer. These findings serve as a stark reminder of the critical need for regular skin checks, especially for those who work outdoors and are exposed to the sun's harmful rays on a daily basis.

Conversations That Matter —

Beyond the skin checks, the conversations I had with delegates were invaluable. We discussed the risks associated with prolonged sun exposure and the significance of preventive measures such as wearing protective clothing, using sunscreen, and seeking regular skin assessments. It was clear from these discussions that raising awareness and providing access to professional skin checks can make a significant difference in preventing serious skin conditions.

To all who attended and participated, thank you for prioritising your skin health. Your proactive steps towards understanding and addressing skin health are commendable. If you were advised to follow up with your GP, please ensure you do so, using the follow-up advice sheet provided. Early detection and intervention are key to managing skin health effectively.

Let's continue to make skin health a priority within our community. By supporting each other and taking proactive steps towards prevention and early detection, we can significantly reduce the risks associated with prolonged sun exposure. Remember, regular skin checks and preventive measures are vital components of maintaining overall health and well-being.

Together, we can foster a culture of awareness and proactive health management in the horticultural community. Thank you for being a part of this important journey.

Stay healthy and sun-safe!

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