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Mobile Dersmoscopy

DermScreen's mobile dermoscopy platform opens up digital opportunities if you are concerned with skin cancer. Our solution powered by technology allows DermScreen dermatologists to promptly provide their clinical evaluation of any questionable skin lesions to your GP at one of our partnered clinics.

DermScreen's dermoscopy platform allows high-resolution clinical and dermoscopic photographs to be taken, improving diagnostic accuracy, facilitates ,monitoring, and comparable with traditional consultations for suspicious lesions.

Images captured are securely transmitted via Dermscreen's software platform to dermatologists for evaluation. Your GP will then receive the results promptly, and you can work together to ensure timely management or treatment for any suspected skin cancers.

DermScreen's mobile dermoscopy is a disruptive technology alternative that is affordable, accessible and convenient while maintaining the highest standards of clinical care. Your skin lesions can be properly assessed without the time and costs associated with a face-to-face specialist consultation or invasive biopsy.

Specialist Dermatologist


clinical images of skin lesion taken through a dermoscopic device

patient contact made, if necessary, and further clinical action determined

Primary Care Provider



clinical images forwarded to specialist dermatologist

images viewed and diagnostic report provided by specialist dermatologist

clinical images uploaded and securely stored

diagnostic report sent to primary care provider

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