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DermScreen Story

DermScreen was founded in 2022 by a team of Australian dermatologists, innovators, and academics who recognised that survival from Australia's national cancer, melanoma, can be improved through awareness and early detection. Australia has some of the highest ultraviolet levels in the world with two in three Australians diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. With only 550 dermatologists nationally, more must be done to ensure specialist level care is accessible all throughout Australia. ​

DermScreen recognises that this gap can only be bridged through technology-enabled solutions. Through a virtual care platform, Australians wishing to have a spot or skin check can be properly triaged to avoid unnecessary surgical biopsies and specialist referrals.

Through the collaboration of GPs and dermatologists, DermScreen makes early detection affordable, accessible and convenient, so that we empower everyone to get a skin check and promote early detection to save lives. Dermscreen's digital skin health checks has the potential to result in significant cost savings, alongside improved social and health outcomes outside of skin cancer, that impacts the lives of not only patients, but the healthcare system as a whole.

Our Vision

At DermScreen, we humanise technology in order to partner with you and your skin for life. Our vision is to realise improved access to skin solutions in the promotion of early detection.


Ultimately, we hope to alleviate disease more broadly by supporting patients and their caregivers through targeted changes that will transform humanity and its collective health.

Digital Skin Check.
Digital Dermatology.
Digital Health.

Our Values

DermScreen is building the future of digital dermatology that draws both patients and health care providers into a single ecosystem through user-friendly, technology driven solutions.


Our motto change matters stands at the core of our business, ensuring that changes are always assessed and verified to the highest clinical standards possible. DermScreen looks forward to partnering with you to protect your skin for life.


At DermScreen, we strive to
  • Provide fast and equitable access to skin screening for all Australians

  • Address demand pressures from regional and remote areas

  • Foster healthy skin behaviours including self-examination

  • Raise awareness for skin cancer prevention and early diagnosis

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